ROBIN AXON, Co-founder & General Partner

Robin was previously a partner at Ventures West where he was a part of the IT and communications team with a focus on wireless technology investments.

Prior to joining Ventures West, Robin was at MD Robotics (formerly Spar Aerospace) and the Canadian Space Agency where he helped to prepare the Canadarm2 for installation onto the International Space Station.

Robin has served on the boards of a number of technology companies including: Ritual, Wisk Solutions, ChatKit, CrowdCare, Shopcaster, Unata (acquires Instacart ‘18), PushLife (acq Google '11), Brave Commerce (acq Rogers '12), QuickPlay Media (acq Madison Dearborn '12), RapidMind (acq Intel '09), AudienceView, Fortiva (acq Proofpoint '08), Chantry Networks (acq Siemens '04), Belair Networks and Instrumar. Robin is a founder of CVCA´s Young Venture Capitalists (YVC) Committee.

Robin holds a B.A.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto and a MBA from Queen´s University.